Vendredi 24 mai 2013 à 17h00 en salle C47
Ben Smith (LIX)

Titre : Families of fast elliptic curves from \QQ-curves

Résumé :
We construct new families of elliptic curves over \(\FF_{p^2}\) with efficiently computable endomorphisms, which can be used to accelerate elliptic curve-based cryptosystems in the same way as Gallant--Lambert--Vanstone (GLV) and Galbraith--Lin--Scott (GLS) endomorphisms. Our construction is based on reducing \(\QQ\)-curves---curves over quadratic number fields without complex multiplication, but with isogenies to their Galois conjugates---modulo inert primes. As a first application of the general theory we construct, for every \(p > 3\), two one-parameter families of elliptic curves over \(\FF_{p^2}\) equipped with endomorphisms that are faster than doubling. Like GLS (which appears as a degenerate case of our construction), we offer the advantage over GLV of selecting from a much wider range of curves, and thus finding secure group orders when \(p\) is fixed. Unlike GLS, we also offer the possibility of constructing twist-secure curves.